About the Journal

International Journal about Parents in Education (IJPE) is the official journal of European Research Network about parents in Education (ERNAPE). The publications of IJPE contain peer-reviewed articles on several topics within the general field of “Parents in Education”. The articles contained in International Journal About Parents in Education follow the style and formats of a scientific journal.

Aims and scope
International Journal about Parents in Education (IJPE) strives to promote awareness and understanding of issues affecting school-parents relationships and parental involvement in educational contexts. The term "parents in education" is intended to include both the relationship of parents to school systems and the contributions which parents and families make to their child's learning outside school. ERNAPE is an association of networks organised by areas. Each network is autonomous. In October 1993, with financial support from the European Commission, a group of researchers working in the field of parents in education in different parts of Europe met in Glasgow to discuss how to increase contact across Europe, to exchange knowledge of research developments in Europe and to stimulate research about parents in education at all levels, including intercultural European research. Since 2007 IJPE adds to the ERNAPE network aims.

Open access policy
IJPE is an open access journal. There are no fees involved. Authors don’t have to pay a fee for publishing, readers don’t have to pay a fee for getting access to the articles.

Peer review
All papers will be evaluated at least by one editor and two reviewers. The review process is single blind for the editor (the editor know who the authors are), and double blind for the reviewers (neither authors nor reviewers know each other’s name or affiliations).

Archiving policy
All issues since 2008 are online available in open access. This journal utilises Portico and the PKP Preservation Network to create permanent archives for the purposes of preservation and restoration.

Repository Policy

Authors are permitted to post and distribute all versions of their work in any format, including repositories, with an acknowledgement of its initial publication in this journal.